Physio-Morphology and Proteomic Attitude of Ziziphus Spina-Christi in Copper-Contaminated Sites in Saudi Arabia: Is It a Candidate Bioremediator?

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Author(s): Modhi O. Alotaibi, Afrah E. Mohammed*, Taghreed A. Almutairi, Zakia Shinwari, Ayodele Alaiya, Mudawi M. Elobeid

Journal Name: Current Proteomics

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Background: The current study was undertaken with a major goal of evaluating the influence of the heavy metal copper (Cu) on growth and physiology as well as the proteomic status of Ziziphus spina-christi.

Objective: We set a hypothesis that Z. spina-christi could be a potent phytoremediator in Cu-polluted environments and the industrial area of Riyadh was chosen as a model of contaminated sites.

Methods: To address our goal, young Z. spina-christi plants were maintained in pots filled with soil comprised of sand and clay in an open area. Cu treatments were performed by subjecting young Z. spina-christi seedlings to different copper treatments [0 - 100 μM] which was supplied to the plants in the form of hydrated copper sulfate (CuSO4.5H2O) and the treatment period lasted 45 days. To monitor plant growth during Cu exposure period, measurements of some morphological and physiological variables were taken regularly every week and the growth rates were determined.

Result: Results from proteomics showed 16 proteins participated in expression, 10 proteins showed up regulations and other six showed down regulation. Such expressed proteins are involved in plant photosynthesis process, metabolism, antioxidant enzymes as well as those associated with plant defense response and signal transduction.

Conclusion: The study outcomes offered understandings of the molecular systems linked to Cu stress condition, in addition to Cu effect on Z. spina-christi seedlings morphology and physiology. Regarding phytoremediation potential we recommend that, future experiments should be conducted on Z. spina-christi at different developmental stages to better view its Cu accumulative power.

Keywords: Ziziphus spina-christi, copper pollution, growth, proteomics, phytoremediation

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