Read and Publish Program

Publish your articles under an Open Access license and get access to full-text of articles published in Bentham Science journals, as well.

The world of scholarly publishing is quickly moving towards an Open Access publishing model, where all the publications are freely available, for readers and researchers, around the world. Bentham Science is keen to facilitate institutions, researchers and authors, to publish their articles as Open Access, through transformative agreements, and has introduced the ‘Read and Publish’ program with this goal in mind.

Authors from institutions that partner with us for Read and Publish programs, can publish their articles in any, or selected, journals and get waivers & discounts on Open Access fees. In addition, their institutional peers can get access to additional published journal content.

To let us know about your interest in our Read and Publish program, please contact us here:

What’s Read and Publish?

Read and Publish Programs serve as an alternate to the conventional journal subscription model. This Program allows institutions to subscribe to Bentham Science journals, and to complement these subscriptions, with waivers and discounts on Open Access publication charges, to their authors.

The Dynamics of the Program:

The following defines how the institution and the associated authors shall find the Read and Publish Transformative Agreement economically viable for both, publishing and getting access to the published content.

Benefits for Institutions, Authors and Readers:
  1. Customized Terms & Conditions
  2. Access to Published Content - Authors, researchers and others, associated with the partnering institution, can get access to all or selected published content, as agreed.
  3. Discounted Open Access - Authors can publish Open Access articles in Bentham Science journals at a discount or free-of-charge, as mutually decided.
  4. Enhanced Prominence and Visibility - The institutions and authors will get wider coverage and promotions for their articles to enhance their reach, visibility and readership.
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