Photophysics of Supramolecular Architectures

Luminescent Cyclodextrin Systems and Their Applications

Author(s): Bosco Christin Maria Arputham Ashwin, Venkatesan Sethuraman and Paulpandian Muthu Mareeswaran * .

Pp: 1-30 (30)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049190122010004

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This chapter explains the most recent development on different luminophore tethered cyclodextrin (CD), a cyclic polysaccharide and these applications in distinct areas. The host-guest inclusion complexation studies of CD with different guest molecules using fluorescence techniques are discussed. The hybrid materials of CD in the detection of biological analytes, toxic compounds and in-vivo bio-imaging applications are discussed. The compatibility nature of CD leads to its usage in drug delivery and the controlled drug dosage using CDs is explained. The interesting usage of CDs in counterfeit recognition and tunable emission are emphasised. The dimers and self-assemblies of CDs utilized for the enhancement of photophysical properties are discussed in detail. The CD hybrid materials exhibited numerous usage in essential needs.

Keywords: Aggregation, Amino acids, Anion, Bioimaging, Biomolecule, Cyclodextrin, Chemosensor, Dimer, Drug, Dye, Emission, Fluorescence, Hostguest, Interaction, Lanthanoids, Luminescence, Macrocycle, Recognition, Nanocarrier, Nanoparticles.

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