Erosion-Corrosion: An Introduction to Flow Induced Macro-Cell Corrosion

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Erosion-corrosion is a generic name of degradation phenomena which occur on the chemical plant composing metallic materials under the conditions of various flowing liquids. For example, it occurs on ...
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Historical Review of Research on Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion

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Masanobu Matsumura


By referring the history of the research in each field, cavitation erosion and erosion-corrosion were compared. The start of the research on the cavitation erosion was the generation mechanism of the cavitation impulsive pressure, which brought about the damage to metallic materials. From both sides of impulsive pressure generation mechanism description by theory and measurement of impulsive pressure by the experiment, the generation of cavitation erosion damage has been recognized to be a pure physical or pure mechanical process. As to erosion-corrosion, corrosion must possibly play the leading part in the damage. However, as to the agency of erosion component and its role has not been clarified yet. The shear force of the fluid flow is the most probable agency of erosion. Nevertheless, it is rather irrational to attribute the various forms of erosion-corrosion solely to the shear force of fluid flow over the metal surface.


Erosion, erosion-corrosion, cavitation erosion, impulsive pressure, corrosion, shear force, horseshoe corrosion, impingement attack, inlet tube corrosion, deposit attack, turbulence corrosion.


Professor Emeritus, Hiroshima University 237-101 Fukumoto, Saijo-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-0031 Japan