Predictive Analytics Using Statistics and Big Data: Concepts and Modeling

Predictive Analytics Using Statistics and Big Data: Concepts and Modeling

This book presents a selection of the latest and representative developments in predictive analytics using big data technologies. It focuses on some critical aspects of big data and machine learning ...
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An Efficient Approach for Weblog Analysis using Machine Learning Techniques

Pp. 89-98 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811490491120010009

Author(s): Brijesh Bakariya


Information on the internet is rapidly growing day by day. Some of the information may be related to the person or not. The amount of data on the internet is very vast, and it is tough to store and manage. So the organization of massive amounts of data has also produced a problem in data accessing. The rapid expansion of the web has provided an excellent opportunity to analyze web access logs. Data mining techniques were applied for extracting relevant information from a massive collection of data, but now it is a traditional technique. The web data is either unstructured or semi-structured. So there is not any direct method in data mining for it. Here Python programming language and Machine Learning (ML) approach is used from handling such types of data. In this paper, we are analyzing weblog data through python. This approach is useful for time and space point of view because because python has many libraries for data analysis.


Data mining, Machine learning, Weblog, Python, World Wide Web