Bioactive Compounds and Distinctive Pharmacological Activity Guided Review of Aegle marmelos: A Miraculous Plant of Indigenous Medicine System

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Author(s): Sourav Ghosh*, Arvind Kumar, Neetu Sachan, Phool Chandra.

Journal Name: Current Bioactive Compounds

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Background: It is always thought that traditional herbal drugs are safe, effective and economical and are used worldwide for healing purpose. Aegle marmelos belonging to family Rutaceae is an important medicinal plant of Indigenous medicine system in India. Despite the study of ethnobotanical uses and presence of bioactive compounds, there was only a handful of research occurring on A. marmelos. The therapeutic use of bioactive compounds are not explored properly.

Objective: To provide comprehensive data on the botanical description, ethnobotany, isolated bioactive compounds and their therapeutic effects according to pharmacology of A. marmelos and its future prospects for the further scientific investigation for the development of effective bioactive compounds. Method: Literature searches were performed in various databases such as PubMed, SciFinder and Google Scholar for peer reviewed research literatures pertaining to bioactive compounds present and distinctive pharmacological activities of A. marmelos.

Result: Literature review indicate that Different parts of A. marmelos possess various type of ethnobotanical uses. A large number of bioactive compounds isolated from different parts of plant which mainly belongs to alkaloids, terpenoids, steroids, coumarins, flavonoids and carbohydrate in nature. The plant also possess wide range of pharmacological activities such as antidiarrheal, antimicrobial, anticancer, hepatoprotective, antifertility, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, radioprotective, hypoglycemic and cardioprotective activity.

Conclusion: It is clearly proven that different parts of A. marmelos possess numerous therapeutic effect for treating various ailments of mankind. As the scientist anticipated to develop new drugs from natural sources, investigation of modern drugs from A. marmelos should be emphasized. Still, extensive research work is required with A. marmelos as it is a most important plant of indigenous medicine system in India. So, this review could be used as good source of information for researchers who wish to proceed their exploration about A. marmelos.

Keywords: Aegle marmelos, Bioactive compounds, Therapeutic use, Ethnobotany, Phytochemistry, Pharmacological activity

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