Core-Magnetic Composites Catalysts for the Valorization and Up-grading of the Renewable Feedstocks. A Mini review

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Author(s): Vasile I. Parvulescu, Simona M. Coman*.

Journal Name: Current Catalysis

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Background: Core-magnetic composites offer unique possibilities to accommodate adequate amounts of acid-base and redox functional sites and hence to catalyze the biomass conversion reactions in a one-pot way. Moreover, due to the dual functionality the core-magnetic composites provide a bridge between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Hence, this minireview aims to offer a comprehensive account of remarkable recent applications of core-magnetic composites in the catalytic processes for biomass valorization. Methods: A critical evaluation of synthetic methodologies utilized for the production of the magnetic nanoparticles, characterization techniques and catalytic applications is provided. Results: The benefits of their utilization are exemplified by most representative exemples of one-pot transformation of cellulose and up-grading processes. Other recent examples constitute the lignin fragmentation on magnetic iron oxide-based catalysts and the renewable crude glycerol up-grading using core-shell magnetic iron oxide bio-based materials. Conclusion: The review provides important information upon the distinctive properties of the functionalized core-magnetic composites. Very important also, this review offers useful information affording a large-scale production development, in terms of catalyst and reaction conditions, tailoring selectivity, and potential to regenerate the catalysts.

Keywords: core-magnetic composites, cellulose depolymerisation, hydrolytic hydrogenation, catalytic wet oxidation, lignin fragmentation, bio-catalysts, crude glycerol

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DOI: 10.2174/2211544708666181227152000
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