Combustion Synthesis: Novel Routes to Novel Materials

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Combustion synthesis covers a wide range of technologies to produce advanced materials, ranging from oxides, nitrides and intermetallics to various nanostructured compounds, such as nanopowders and ...
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Related Processes to Combustion Synthesis

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Yasutaka Ando


Since combustion chemical reaction generates not only thermal energy but also chemically activated particles such as ions and radicals, thermal plasma vapor deposition and combustion flame diamond deposition process are introduced as related process to combustion synthesis in this chapter. This chapter consists of two sections. In the former section, characteristics of thermal plasma are explained. In the latter section, researches on thermal plasma vapor deposition and/or combustion flame diamond deposition process are explained. As the thermal plasma process, thermal plasma CVD (including DC arcjet CVD and solution precursor thermal spray (SPPS)), thermal plasma PVD (including arc ion plating) are introduced. For example, synthesis mechanisms of the films and/or particles and effects of experimental conditions on the growth of the films (or particles) are discussed in cases of the diamond particle synthesis by combustion flame method, SiC and diamond films deposition by thermal plasma CVD and anatase rich TiO2 film deposition by SPPS.


Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Japan.