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Review Article

Advancement and Strategies for the Development of Peptide-drug Conjugates:Pharmacokinetic Modulation, Role and Clinical Evidence againstCancer Management

Journal: Current Cancer Drug Targets
Volume: 22 Issue: 4 Year: 2022 Page: 286-311
Author(s): Sonali Sundram,Swati Verma,Rishabha Malviya

Research Article

New Strategies for Novel Drugs: Antimicrobial Peptides ContainingFerrocene with Improved Antifungal and Antiplasmodial BiologicalActivity

Journal: Protein & Peptide Letters
Volume: 29 Issue: 12 Year: 2022 Page: 1088-1098
Author(s): Natalia C.S. Costa,Norival A. Santos-Filho,Julia P. Piccoli,Ana M. Fusco-Almeida,Claudia T. Santos,Juliana O. de Souza,Camila L. Zanini,Anna Caroline C. Aguiar,Rafael V.C. Guido,Eduardo M. Cilli

Review Article

Recombinant Active Peptides and their Therapeutic Functions

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Volume: 23 Issue: 5 Year: 2022 Page: 645-663
Author(s): Ya’u Sabo Ajingi,Neeranuch Rukying,Aiyada Aroonsri,Nujarin Jongruja

Review Article

Transient Opening of the Blood-Brain Barrier by Vasoactive Peptides toIncrease CNS Drug Delivery: Reality Versus Wishful Thinking?

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 20 Issue: 7 Year: 2022 Page: 1383-1399
Author(s): Matthew A. Smith-Cohn,Nicholas B. Burley,Stuart A. Grossman

Research Article

Effects of Co-Solvents on Loading and Release Properties of Self- Assembled Di-Peptide Building Blocks, Towards Drug Delivery Applications

Journal: Protein & Peptide Letters
Volume: 29 Issue: 1 Year: 2022 Page: 80-88
Author(s): Sara Yazdani,Seyed Mohammad Ghoreishi,Neda Habibi

Analysis of Peptides by Capillary Electromigration Methods

Ebook: Capillary Electrophoresis in Food Analysis

Volume: 2 Year: 2022
Doi: 10.2174/9789815036152122020007

Aquasome: A Promising Novel Drug Carrier

Ebook: Advanced Pharmaceutical and Herbal Nanoscience for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Part I

Volume: 1 Year: 2022
Doi: 10.2174/9789815036510122010011
Review Article

An Overview of Databases and Bioinformatics Tools for Plant Antimicrobial Peptides

Journal: Current Protein & Peptide Science
Volume: 23 Issue: 0 Year: 2022 Page: 1-14
Author(s): Michael K. Deyholos,Thaís Gaudencio do Rêgo,Annie Elisabeth Beltrão de Andrade,Lívia Noêmia Morais Rocha,João Victor Alcoforado de Araújo,Isadora Louise Alves da Costa Ribeiro Quintans

Review Article

A Concise Review on the Role of Natural and Synthetically Derived Peptides in Colorectal Cancer

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 22 Issue: 31 Year: 2022 Page: 2571-2588
Author(s): Arun Kumar Radhakrishnan

Review Article

Therapeutic Peptides: Unravelling Conformational Dynamics by Systematic Application of Biophysical Techniques

Journal: Current Protein & Peptide Science
Volume: 23 Issue: 9 Year: 2022 Page: 619-641

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