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Research Article

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus (D.C.) Stapf) Presents Antitumoral Effect and Improves Chemotherapy Activity in Prostate Cancer Cells

Journal: Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 21 Issue: 0 Year: 2021 Page: 1-14
Author(s): Lucas F. Gomes,Pâmela J.H. Longhi,Larissa Machado,Ivana B. Mânica da Cruz,Marco A.E. Montano,Mathias Martins,Sérgio A. Machado,Jovani A. Steffani,Francine C. Cadoná

General Review Article

Phyto-synthesized Gold Nanoparticles as Antitumor Agents

Journal: Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Year: 2021 Page: 51-60
Author(s): Eugenia Dumitra Teodor,Gabriel Lucian Radu

Research Article

Preparation of Enzymatically Highly Active Pegylated-D-amino Acid Oxidase and Its Application to Antitumor Therapy

Journal: Current Drug Delivery
Volume: 18 Issue: 0 Year: 2021 Page: 1-9
Author(s): Hideaki Nakamura,Appiah Enoch,Shotaro Iwaya,Sakura Furusho,Shoko Tsunoda,Mamoru Haratake

Research Article

Antitumor and Antioxidant Activities of the New Synthesized Azomethine Derivatives: Experimental and Theoretical Investigations

Journal: Letters in Organic Chemistry
Volume: 18 Issue: 1 Year: 2021 Page: 22-40
Author(s): Siyamak Shahab,Masoome Sheikhi,Liudmila Filippovich,Evgenij Dikusar,Radwan Alnajjar,Mikhail Atroshko,Marina Drachilovskaya

Mini-Review Article

Stilbenes and Xanthones from Medicinal Plants as Potential Antitumor Agents

Journal: Current Bioactive Compounds
Volume: 17 Issue: 7 Year: 2021 Page: 5-13
Author(s): Eugenia D. Teodor,Oana Ungureanu,Veronica Moroeanu,Gabriel L. Radu

Research Article

Synthesis and in vitro anti-HCV and Antitumor Evaluation of Schisandronic Acid Derivatives

Journal: Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 17 Issue: 9 Year: 2021 Page: 974-982
Author(s): Kai-Xia Zhang,Xi-Jing Qian,Wei Zheng,Meng-Cheng Cai,Ying Ma,Da-Zhi Zhang,Shi-Chong Yu,Qing-Guo Meng,Yong-Sheng Jin

Mini-Review Article

Antitumor Effects of Triterpenes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 28 Issue: 1 Year: 2021 Page: 2465-2484
Author(s): Antoni Sureda,Miquel Martorell,Xavier Capó,Margalida Monserrat-Mesquida,Maria Magdalena Quetglas-Llabrés,Mahsa Rasekhian,Seyed M. Nabavi,Silvia Tejada

Antitumor Effects of Heparin

Ebook: Thrombosis in Cancer: A Medical Professional's Guide to Cancer Associated Thrombosis

Volume: 1 Year: 2021
Author(s): Manoj Rai,Samanjit Kandola
Doi: 10.2174/97816810878491210101
Research Article

Antitumor Effect of Zwitterions of Imidazolium Derived from L- methionine in BALB/c Mice with Lymphoma L5178Y

Journal: Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 17 Issue: 1 Year: 2021 Page: 33-39
Author(s): Karen C. Vargas-Castro,Ana M. Puebla Pérez,Irma I. Rangel-Salas,Jorge I. Delgado-Saucedo,José B. Pelayo-Vázquez,Elvia Becerra-Martínez,A. Aarón Peregrina-Lucano,Raul R. Quiñonez-Lopez,Gabriela J. Soltero-Reynoso,Sara A. Cortes-Llamas

Research Article

Alpha-Terpineol as Antitumor Candidate in Pre-Clinical Studies

Journal: Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 21 Issue: 15 Year: 2021 Page: 2023-2031
Author(s): Helber A. Negreiros,Kariely Gonçalves de Moura,Maria L.L. Barreto do Nascimento,Débora Caroline do Nascimento Rodrigues,Paulo M.P. Ferreir,Débora C. Braz,Marlene Gomes de Farias,Layde de Sousa Corrêia,Ana R.S. Pereira,Lubna K.B. Santos,Juan C.R. Gonçalves,Anderson N. Mendes,Felipe C. Carneiro da Silva,Ana A.C.M. Cavalcant,Joáo Marcelo de Castro e Sousa

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