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Synthesis and Antiglycation Activity of Kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside (Nicotiflorin)

Journal: Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 8 Issue: 3 Year: 2012 Page: 415-420
Author(s): Sajan Lal Shyaula,Ghulam Abbas,Hina Siddiqui,Samina A. Sattar,M. Iqbal Choudhary,Fatima Z. Basha

Opioid Alkaloids in Fire Poppies, Papaver Californicum

Journal: The Natural Products Journal
Volume: 2 Issue: 1 Year: 2012 Page: 31-35
Author(s): James David Adams, Shin-Yu Lee, Julie Eunwoo Kim, Jirair Petrosyan, Mona Shahgholi, Roger Clemens

Structures Required of Flavonoids for Inhibiting Digestive Enzymes

Journal: Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 12 Issue: 8 Year: 2012 Page: 929-939
Author(s): Hui Cao,Xiaoqing Chen

Quercetin-Phospholipid Complex: An Amorphous Pharmaceutical System in Herbal Drug Delivery

Journal: Current Drug Discovery Technologies
Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Year: 2012 Page: 17-24
Author(s): Devendra Singh, Mohan S.M. Rawat, Ajay Semalty, Mona Semalty

Redox Chemistry of Green Tea Polyphenols: Therapeutic Benefits in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Journal: Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 12 Issue: 5 Year: 2012 Page: 380-387
Author(s): H. M. Hugel,N. Jackson

Targeting Tumor Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway with Polyphenols for Chemosensitization

Journal: Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 12 Issue: 8 Year: 2012 Page: 891-901
Author(s): Min Shen,Tak Hang Chan,Q. Ping Dou

Selected Natural and Synthetic Phenolic Compounds with Antileishmanial Activity: A Five-year Review

Journal: Current Bioactive Compounds
Volume: 8 Issue: 4 Year: 2012 Page: 307-333
Author(s): Antonieta Rojas de Arias,Enrique Pandolfi,Maria Celeste Vega,Miriam Rolon

Intestinal Absorption and Presystemic Elimination of Various Chemical Constituents Present in GBE50 Extract, a Standardized Extract of Ginkgo biloba Leaves

Journal: Current Drug Metabolism
Volume: 13 Issue: 5 Year: 2012 Page: 494-509
Author(s): Li Li,Yuansheng Zhao,Feifei Du,Junling Yang,Fang Xu,Wei Niu,Yaohui Ren,Chuan Li

Genus Euonymus: Chemical and Pharmacological Perception

Journal: Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry
Volume: 9 Issue: 4 Year: 2012 Page: 341-351
Author(s): Amita Sharma, Satish Chandra Sati, Om Prakash Sati, Manisha Dhobhal Sati, Sudhir Kumar Kothiyal

Naturally Plant-Derived Compounds: Role in Bone Anabolism

Journal: Current Molecular Pharmacology
Volume: 5 Issue: 2 Year: 2012 Page: 205-218
Author(s): Marie-Noelle Horcajada,Elizabeth Offord

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