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Review Article

Prediction and Targeting of Interaction Interfaces in G-protein Coupled Receptor Oligomers

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 18 Issue: 8 Year: 2018 Page: 714-746
Author(s): Anke C. Schiedel,Meryem Kose,Carlos Barreto,Beatriz Bueschbell,Giulia Morra,Ozge Sensoy,Irina S. Moreira

Multivalent-Based Drug Design Applied to Serotonin 5-HT4 Receptor Oligomers

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 15 Issue: 6 Year: 2009 Page: 719-729
Author(s): Frank Lezoualch, Ralf Jockers, Isabelle Berque-Bestel

Aβ Oligomers Induce Glutamate Release from Hippocampal Neurons

Journal: Current Alzheimer Research
Volume: 8 Issue: 5 Year: 2011 Page: 552-562
Author(s): J. Brito-Moreira, A. C. Paula-Lima, T. R. Bomfim, F. F. Oliveira, F. J. Sepulveda, F. G. De Mello, L. G. Aguayo, R. Panizzutti, S. T. Ferreira

Letters in Organic Chemistry Anion Receptors Based on Acyclic Phenol-Formaldehyde Oligomers Bearing Thiourea Groups

Journal: Letters in Organic Chemistry
Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Year: 2006 Page: 260-266
Author(s): Yoshihiro Ohba, Takeshi Ito, Toshiro Takasawa, Kazuaki Ito

Cellular Uptake of Neutral Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligomers

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Volume: 10 Issue: 6 Year: 2009 Page: 579-588
Author(s): Patrick L. Iversen, Katherine M. Aird, Rebecca Wu, Michael M. Morse, Gayathri R. Devi

Review Article

The Pathogenesis Mechanism, Structure Properties, Potential Drugs and Therapeutic Nanoparticles against the Small Oligomers of Amyloid-β

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 21 Issue: 2 Year: 2021 Page: 151-167
Author(s): Ke Wang,Liu Na,Mojie Duan

In Vivo Application of beta Amyloid Oligomers: A Simple Tool to Evaluate Mechanisms of Action and New Therapeutic Approaches

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Year: 2014 Page: 2491-2505
Author(s): Claudia Balducci, Gianluigi Forloni

Mono-Disperse Triphenylene Discotic Liquid Crystal Oligomers Synthesized by Click Chemistry

Journal: Current Organic Chemistry
Volume: 17 Issue: 8 Year: 2013 Page: 871-885
Author(s): Yue-Feng Bai, Ke-Qing Zhao, Ping Hu, Bi-Qin Wang, Carl Redshaw

Current Techniques for Studying Oligomer Formations of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors Using Mammalian and Yeast Cells

Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 23 Issue: 16 Year: 2016 Page: 1638-1656
Author(s): Yasuyuki Nakamura,Jun Ishii,Akihiko Kondo

Structural Polymorphism of Amyloid Oligomers and Fibrils Underlies Different Fibrillization Pathways: Immunogenicity and Cytotoxicity

Journal: Current Protein & Peptide Science
Volume: 11 Issue: 5 Year: 2010 Page: 343-354
Author(s): Massimo Stefani

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