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Vigilance States: Central Neural Pathways, Neurotransmitters and Neurohormones

Journal: Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets
Volume: 19 Issue: 1 Year: 2019 Page: 26-37
Author(s): Michele Iovino,Tullio Messana,Giovanni De Pergola,Emanuela Iovino,Edoardo Guastamacchia,Vito Angelo Giagulli,Vincenzo Triggiani

miRNAs in Neurohormonal Activation

Ebook: Young People’s Visions of the World
Volume: 1 Year: 2010
Author(s): Zhiguo Wang

The Role of Neuropeptides and Neurohormones in Neurogenic Cardiac Arrhythmias

Journal: Current Drug Targets - Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders
Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Year: 2003 Page: 240-253
Author(s): T. M. Saleh

Neurohormonal Activation in Ischemic Stroke: Effects of Acute Phase Disturbances on Long-Term Mortality

Journal: Current Neurovascular Research
Volume: 4 Issue: 3 Year: 2007 Page: 170-175
Author(s): Makikallio Anne, Korpelainen Juha, Timo Makikallio, Tulppo Mikko, Vuolteenaho Olli, Sotaniemi Kyosti, Huikuri Heikki, Myllyla Vilho

The Glutathione System and its Regulation by Neurohormone Melatonin in the Central Nervous System

Journal: Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 10 Issue: 4 Year: 2010 Page: 287-297
Author(s): Jorge H. Limon-Pacheco, Maria E. Gonsebatt

The Role of Adipocytokines and Neurohormonal Dysregulation in Metabolic Syndrome

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 2 Issue: 4 Year: 2006 Page: 397-407

Strategies to Convert PACAP from a Hypophysiotropic Neurohormone Into a Neuroprotective Drug

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 17 Issue: 1 Year: 2011 Page: 1002-1024
Author(s): S. Bourgault, D. Chatenet, O. Wurtz, N. D. Doan, J. Leprince, H. Vaudry, A. Fournier, D. Vaudry

Role of Islet-, Gut-, and Adipocyte-Derived Hormones in the Central Control of Food Intake and Body Weight: Implications for an Integrated Neurohormonal Approach to Obesity Pharmacotherapy

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 4 Issue: 2 Year: 2008 Page: 79-91
Author(s): Hubert C. Chen, Jonathan D. Roth, Brock E. Schroeder, Christian Weyer

Neurohormones and Second Messengers in Lepidoptera: Male Sexual Development and Midgut Growth

Ebook: Young People’s Visions of the World
Volume: 1 Year: 2010
Author(s): Marcia J. Loeb

Neurohormones, Rikkunshito and Hypothalamic Neurons Interactively Control Appetite and Anorexia

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 18 Issue: 3 Year: 2012 Page: 4854-4864
Author(s): Toshihiko Yada, Daisuke Kohno, Yuko Maejima, Udval Sedbazar, Takeshi Arai, Masako Toriya, Fumihiko Maekawa, Hedeharu Kurita, Akira Niijima, Koji Yakabi

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