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Lithium Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacogenetics: Focus on Inositol Mono Phosphatase (IMPase), Inositol Poliphosphatase (IPPase) and Glycogen Sinthase Kinase 3 Beta (GSK-3 Beta)

Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 16 Issue: 1 Year: 2009 Page: 1917-1948
Author(s): Alessandro Serretti, Antonio Drago, Diana De Ronchi

Structural Analysis and Comparison of Active Site Architecture from Ancient Bacteria to Human Phosphatases: A Novel Approach to Identification of Lead Compounds with Increased Specificity and Potency for Drug Discovery

Journal: Current Physical Chemistry
Volume: 5 Issue: 3 Year: 2015 Page: 195-205
Author(s): Gemma Topaz, Dumazo Ngesina, Lunecee Eligene, Davin Watson, Kimberly A. Stieglitz

Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 in Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection:Lessons from Lithium

Journal: Current Alzheimer Research
Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Year: 2007 Page: 21-31
Author(s): Saeed Yadranji Aghdam, Steven W. Barger

Prolyl Oligopeptidase, Inositol Phosphate Signalling and Lithium Sensitivity

Journal: CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets
Volume: 10 Issue: 3 Year: 2011 Page: 333-339
Author(s): Adrian J. Harwood

myo-Inositol Monophosphatase: A Challenging Target for Mood Stabilising Drugs

Journal: Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 7 Issue: 2 Year: 2007 Page: 107-113
Author(s): D. J. Miller, R. K. Allemann

Potential Lithium and Fluoride Interactions in Studies of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3

Journal: Current Enzyme Inhibition
Volume: 4 Issue: 3 Year: 2008 Page: 93-99
Author(s): Anna Strunecka, Jiri Patocka

Carbohydrate-Based Drugs in the Treatment of Epilepsy, Depression and Other Affective Disorders

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 8 Issue: 2 Year: 2008 Page: 159-170
Author(s): Cecilia H. Marzabadi, Ian Jamie Talisman

Advances in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Structural Genomics: Investigating Potential Chinks in the Armor of a Deadly Pathogen

Journal: Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets
Volume: 9 Issue: 5 Year: 2009 Page: 475-492
Author(s): N. Chim, L. M. McMath, M. Beeby, C. W. Goulding

The Role of Glucose in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimers Disease Revisited:What Does it Tell us About the Therapeutic use of Lithium?

Journal: Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 6 Issue: 3 Year: 2006 Page: 175-192
Author(s): Anna Strunecka, Paul Grof

Neurodevelopment and Mood Stabilizers

Journal: Current Molecular Medicine
Volume: 3 Issue: 5 Year: 2003 Page: 472-482
Author(s): A. J. Harwood

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