Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 6

Recent Advances in P,N-Containing Ligands for Transition-Metal Homogeneous Catalysis

Author(s): Ioannis D. Kostas

Pp: 3-58 (56)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608050291113060003

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Phosphorus- and nitrogen-containing ligands are among the most important and widely used heterodentate ligands for transition-metal homogeneous catalysis (asymmetric or otherwise). The present review combines information on recent advances in the syntheses of these ligands, their coordination chemistry with transitionmetals and their applications to homogeneous catalysis.

Keywords: Transition-metal homogeneous catalysis, asymmetric catalysis, hydrogenation, hydroformylation, hydrosilylation, allylic alkylation, amination, heck reaction, suzuki reaction, negishi reaction, oligomerization, P, N-ligands, hybrid ligands, hemilabile ligands, chiral ligands, pincer ligands, phosphine, phosphite, phosphinite, phosphoramidite.

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