Bioremediation for Environmental Pollutants

Bioremediation using Genetically Engineered Microorganisms

Author(s): Amal I. Hassan and Hosam M. Saleh * .

Pp: 135-156 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123524123020007

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The applications of biotechnology, especially genetic modification, are varied and concern multiple fields, as they can provide appropriate and radical solutions to many problems of agriculture, the environment, and human and animal health. The promoters of these technologies present them as the best and only solution to the problems of famine in the world in the twenty-first century, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. The astonishing development of crops in developed countries is mainly due to the introduction of massive genetic improvement programs with intensive agricultural systems (irrigation, fertilizers, health care) until the matter in these countries reach genetically modified products. In this chapter, we will present the importance of the techniques of genetic mutation of micro-organisms and the negative effects of genetically modified species and products for experts, decision-makers, and decision-makers to protect human, animal, and plant health. We will also shed light on the future of these genetically modified organism - based treatments.

Keywords: Biotechnology, Genetic mutation, Micro-organisms, Biotreatment, Modified species.

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