Recent Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Communication Technologies

A Survey of Current Mobile Learning Technology in India

Author(s): Pooja Gupta* and Vimal Kumar

Pp: 123-144 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089676122010009

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Mobile learning technology is playing a vital role in today's education due to COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic has increased its demand and usage everywhere in the world. It is a technology that enables students to learn, interact, collaborate, and access education from any place and at any time by using internet-enabled mobile devices. These mobile devices include laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for distance learning. In the current scenario, this distance learning has proved as a boon, especially in the education and corporate sector widely. However, M-learning can also be applied in other fields, such as financial sectors, including banking, and non-financial sectors, including healthcare, industrial sector, etc. Mobile learning acceptance is a requirement that is still in progress. It has been adopted more in urban schools and higher education institutions in comparison to rural and secondary schools. Our study explores the evolution of M-learning, benefits, challenges, platforms, and various factors that affect mobile learning adoption. We have also discussed the existing models and frameworks for learning in higher education, university, etc. Hence, in this study, we have focused both on the positive and negative outcomes of all the previous studies to eliminate the issues and increase mobile learning adoption in the future. The main highlight of this paper is that we have presented various online platforms available for individuals, organizations, and enterprises for learning. These tools are as important as considering various other factors that have been discussed in previous findings. Moreover, a comparison table of various factors and conclusions of different researchers is shown. Furthermore, it has been concluded that the adoption of mobile learning technology must be increased in developing countries.

Keywords: Adoption, Classroom, COVID-19, M-learning 2, Mobile learning.

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