Applications of Nanomaterials in Energy Storage and Electronics

Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Nanocomposite for Optical Memory and Next Generation Display Applications

Author(s): Harris Varghese, T.K. Abhilash and Achu Chandran * .

Pp: 205-222 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050714122030015

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The dispersion of nanomaterials in ferroelectric liquid crystals (FLC) has turned out to be a promising method for fabricating optical memory devices and tuneable electro-optical materials. In a nanosuspension between FLC and nanoparticles, the presence of the dopant particles creates a synergic interaction with host FLC, which leads to the improvement of electro-optical properties. Tailoring with nanoparticles of suitable size, concentration, and compatibility results in various fascinating effects and new multifaceted composites for electro-optical devices. Adding nano-sized materials such as metallic, semiconducting, insulating or other functional species into the FLC matrix is a fertile method, giving rise to or increases in memory retention and other electro-optical properties that can replace the current electro-optical devices. These advancements depend on the harmony between the guest and host materials. This chapter gives a comprehensive overview of the present technologies and enhancements that have been acquired in nanoparticle/FLC composite systems, especially for optical memory devices and display applications.

Keywords: Composite Systems, Display Devices, Electro-Optical Properties, Ferroelectric, Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal-Nanocomposites, Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals, Insulating NP, Liquid Crystals, Metallic Nanoparticles, Nanoparticles, Optical Memory, Semiconducting Nanoparticles.

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