Text Analysis with Python: A Research Oriented Guide

Fuzzy Logic in Text Mining Using Python

Author(s): ​Mamta Mittal, Gopi Battineni, ​Bhimavarapu Usharani and Lalit Mohan Goyal

Pp: 159-190 (32)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049602122010008

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This chapter introduces about fuzzy logic, its membership functions, and rules followed by various text mining concepts using the fuzzy logic using python. Different open-source libraries for fuzzy logic, preprocessing concepts in fuzzy logic text mining, different feature extraction techniques, fuzzy clustering concepts, classification in fuzzy text mining, fuzzy association rule mining concepts, and visualization in fuzzy text mining are presented.

Keywords: Fuzzy association rule, Fuzzy clustering, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy text mining.

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