Text Analysis with Python: A Research Oriented Guide

Text Clustering in Python

Author(s): ​Mamta Mittal, ​Gopi Battineni, Bhimavarapu Usharani and Lalit Mohan Goyal

Pp: 121-158 (38)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049602122010007

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In this chapter, we learn about clustering and how document and text clustering can be performed. This chapter explains the real-time applications of text clustering and the differences between soft and hard clustering types. The clustering algorithms, including KNN, hierarchical and Fuzzy clustering, were used . Fuzzy clustering or soft clustering types can add better value performance-wise than the other two clustering algorithms. Besides, we also presented how to conduct text clustering in python using unsupervised machine learning techniques. To explain this in detail, the IRIS dataset is considered famous in UCI Machine learning Repository and well presented with python script.

Keywords: Clustering, Fuzzy, IRIS dataset, KNN, Soft clustering.

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