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Review Article

COVID-19 Outbreak and Emerging Management through Pharmaceutical Therapeutic Strategy

Author(s): Md. H. Rahman*, Rokeya Akter, Tapan Behl, Md. A. R. Chowdhury, Manirujjaman Mohammed, Israt J. Bulbul, Shimaa E. Elshenawy and Mohammad A. Kamal*

Volume 26 , Issue 41 , 2020

Page: [5224 - 5240] Pages: 17

DOI: 10.2174/1381612826666200713174140

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The latest SARS COV2 coronavirus contributes to a pandemic of millions of COVID-19. As there is no defensive immunity in humans and a virus can overcome inborn immune reaction, it can propagate unhindered, mostly in tissues contaminated. No unique therapies for COVID-19 contaminated patients are available at this time. The insights learned from previous respiratory viral infection control have given guidance into COVID- 19 therapy. Several complementary treatments have been tentatively introduced in hospital environments such as immune-modulators, antiviral, convalescent plasma transfusions and natural products. In COVID-19 patients, some of these therapies have provided substantial curative benefits. Moreover, numerous studies and clinical trials are being carried out in order to determine the efficacy of current pharmaceutical and natural products to establish possible therapeutic strategies for producing novel COVID-19 medicines. We summarized and defined the modes of mechanism, protection and efficacy on the existing therapeutic strategies for diseases linked to COVID-19 infection.

Keywords: COVID-19, immuno-enhancer, vaccine, vitamins, antiviral, natural products.

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