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Topiramate Decelerates Bicarbonate-Driven Acid-Elimination of Human Neocortical Neurons: Strategic Significance for its Antiepileptic, Antimigraine and Neuroprotective Properties

Author(s): Udo Bonnet* and Martin Wiemann

Volume 19 , Issue 4 , 2020

Page: [264 - 275] Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/1871527319666200604173208

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Background: Mammalian central neurons regulate their intracellular pH (pHi) strongly and even slight pHi-fluctuations can influence inter-/intracellular signaling, synaptic plasticity and excitability.

Objective: For the first time, we investigated topiramate´s (TPM) influence on pHi-behavior of human central neurons representing a promising target for anticonvulsants and antimigraine drugs.

Methods: In slice-preparations of tissue resected from the middle temporal gyrus of five adults with intractable temporal lobe epilepsy, BCECF-AM-loaded neocortical pyramidal-cells were investigated by fluorometry. The pHi-regulation was estimated by using the recovery-slope from intracellular acidification after an Ammonium-Prepulse (APP).

Results: Among 17 pyramidal neurons exposed to 50 μM TPM, seven (41.24%) responded with an altered resting-pHi (7.02±0.12), i.e., acidification of 0.01-0.03 pH-units. The more alkaline the neurons, the greater the TPM-related acidifications (r=0.7, p=0.001, n=17). The recovery from APPacidification was significantly slowed under TPM (p<0.001, n=5). Further experiments using nominal bicarbonate-free (n=2) and chloride-free (n=2) conditions pointed to a modulation of the HCO3 -- driven pHi-regulation by TPM, favoring a stimulation of the passive Cl-/HCO3 --antiporter (CBT) - an acid-loader predominantly in more alkaline neurons.

Conclusion: TPM modulated the bicarbonate-driven pHi-regulation, just as previously described in adult guinea-pig hippocampal neurons. We discussed the significance of the resulting subtle acidifications for beneficial antiepileptic, antimigraine and neuroprotective effects as well as for unwanted cognitive deficits.

Keywords: Anticonvulsants, epilepsy, transporters, excitability, cognition, neuroprotection.

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