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New Orodispersible Mini Tablets of Enalapril Maleate by Direct Compression for Pediatric Patients

Author(s): Claudia A. Ortega, Laura S. Favier*, Valeria A. Cianchino and Diego A. Cifuente

Volume 17 , Issue 6 , 2020

Page: [505 - 510] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1567201817666200508093442

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Background: In many countries, hypertension in the pediatric population is considered a serious risk of mortality and morbidity. In this respect, it is central to design and develop new pharmaceutical forms for pediatric patients with hypertension. The development of Orodispersible Mini-Tablets (ODMTs) for pediatric use has gained importance in recent years. Therefore, regulations for developing suitable and palatable dosage forms for pediatric patients have been established by WHO authorities.

Objective: This study aimed to design and develop orodispersible mini tablets of enalapril maleate (EnM ODMTs) for pediatric use.

Methods: Five pharmaceutical formulations (A, B, C, D and E, shown in Table 1) were designed. The effects of different co-processed excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients at different doses were studied. Lactose co-processed excipients selected were the following: Tablettose® 80, Microce- Lac® 100 and StarLac®. The micromeritic properties for all the physical mixtures were examined. The mini tablets were obtained by direct compression. Quality control parameters were determined in accordance with US Pharmacopeia.

Results: Three OMDTs with StarLac® showed good results of hardness, flow ability and fast disintegration. The formulation with 0.1 mg of enalapril maleate presented the best results for the official parameters of hardness (4.0 kp), friability (< 1%), disintegration time (28 s), drug content uniformity (103.6 %), and wetting time (23 s).

Conclusion: The three OMDTs with StarLac® showed good quality parameters, according to official requirements. Formulation A exhibited the best wetting time, complying with the dose recommended for pediatric patients. This formulation could be considered eligible for being manufactured at industrial scale.

Keywords: Enalapril maleate, Orodispersible mini tablets, Pediatric form, Co-processed excipients, Hypertension, Direct compression.

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