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Review Article

MicroRNAs as Biomarker for Breast Cancer

Author(s): Taru Aggarwal, Ridhima Wadhwa, Riya Gupta, Keshav Raj Paudel, Trudi Collet, Dinesh Kumar Chellappan, Gaurav Gupta, Haribalan Perumalsamy, Meenu Mehta, Saurabh Satija*, Philip M. Hansbro, Kamal Dua and Pawan Kumar Maurya*

Volume 20 , Issue 10 , 2020

Page: [1597 - 1610] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/1871530320666200428113051

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Regardless of advances in detection and treatment, breast cancer affects about 1.5 million women all over the world. Since the last decade, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been extensively conducted for breast cancer to define the role of miRNA as a tool for diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics. MicroRNAs are small, non-coding RNAs that are associated with the regulation of key cellular processes such as cell multiplication, differentiation, and death. They cause a disturbance in the cell physiology by interfering directly with the translation and stability of a targeted gene transcript. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) constitute a large family of non-coding RNAs, which regulate target gene expression and protein levels that affect several human diseases and are suggested as the novel markers or therapeutic targets, including breast cancer. MicroRNA (miRNA) alterations are not only associated with metastasis, tumor genesis but also used as biomarkers for breast cancer diagnosis or prognosis. These are explained in detail in the following review. This review will also provide an impetus to study the role of microRNAs in breast cancer.

Keywords: micro-RNA, breast cancer, oncomirs, oncosuppressormir, drug targeting, drug resistance.

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