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Matrix Inc. Joins Bentham Science as Institutional Member PRESS RELEASE DATE : 31-May-2022

Bentham Science is pleased to announce that Matrix, Inc. (USA) has joined our Institutional Membership Program. Through the Institutional Membership the researchers from the organization get the opportunity to publish their research under an Open Access license, with specified fee concessions, in any Bentham journal. Bentham Science endeavors to make open access publishing partnerships with academic and corporate entities worldwide involved in scientific research and development.

Matrix, Inc. is a privately-held company founded in 2008 by Matrix Industrial Group, specializing in innovative materials-based technology for applications in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. The company aims to enable the development of Micro- and Nanotechnology-based systems for biomedical engineering, health care technology, and environmental protection through innovative interdisciplinary research and educational programs.

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