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"Highlights" PRESS RELEASE DATE : 01-February-2013

Congratulations! Recent Patents on Regenerative Medicine and The Open Sports Science Journal have been indexed in SCOPUS.

Discovering insights: “Mitochondrion: An Organelle more and more implies in new Processes” and “Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Inflammation and Allergy Drug Discovery from Patent Perspective” appearing in May 2013 issues.

BSP board member Hari Shanker Sharma receives "Glory of India" Award (Bharat Jyoti Award) for the year 2013.

The Open Urology & Nephrology Journal is now available on Social Media.

Forth coming volume of The Open Astronomy Journal features article by Dr. Ram Gopal Vishwakarma, winner of Honorable Mention by Gravity Research Foundation.

22 more Bentham Science titles are now in PubsHubTM Journals and Congresses, which is a database of peer-reviewed medical journals and meetings.

Current Molecular Pharmacology acquires improved SCImago rating of 4.95 cites per doc (2 years).

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) are annually published by the Institute of Scientific Information, a division of Thomson Reuters. Its purpose is to offer a systematic means to critically evaluate the world's leading journals, with quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data. Bentham Science publishes over 100 print & online scholarly subscription journals; website at

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