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Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) indexes Clinical Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Drugs and Current Environmental Engineering PRESS RELEASE DATE : 05-May-2015

Dubai, UAE 5th May 2015: Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society accepts to index two new journals Current Environmental Engineering and Clinical Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Drugs published by Bentham Science Publishers.

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) aims to deliver comprehensive and useful digital information environment for scientific research and discovery.

Current Environmental Engineering is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes expert reviews, research articles and topical issues on all the major advances in environmental engineering.

For details, please visit the journal website at:

Clinical Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Drugs publishes original research, expert reviews, drug clinical trials and thematic issues in all core areas of translational and clinical immunology, endocrine & metabolic drug research.

For details, please visit the journal website at:

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