State of the Art and Progress in Production of Biohydrogen

Editor(s): Nuri Azbar and David B. Levin

Indexed in: Book Citation Index, Science Edition, BIOSIS Previews, Scopus, EBSCO.

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Energy is vital to global prosperity, yet dependence on fossil fuels as our primary energy source contributes to global climate change, environmental degradation, and health problems. Hydrogen offers ...
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Pp. i

T. Nejat Veziroğlu

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Pp. ii

Nuri Azbar and David B. Levin

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Pp. iii-v (3)

Nuri Azbar and David B. Levin

Introduction: Biohydrogen in Perspective

Pp. 3-7 (5)

David B. Levin and Nuri Azbar

PDF Price: $15

Hydrogenase Genes and Enzymes Involved in Solar Hydrogen Production

Pp. 8-24 (17)

Carrie Eckert, Alexandra Dubini, Jianping Yu, Paul King, Maria Ghirardi, Michael Seibert and Pin-C. Maness

PDF Price: $15

Photosynthetic Hydrogen Production: Mechanisms and Approaches

Pp. 25-53 (29)

T.K. Antal, T.E. Krendeleva, V.Z. Pashchenko, A.B. Rubin, K. Stensjo, E. Tyystjärvi, S. Ramakrishna, D.A. Los, R. Carpentier, H. Nishihara and S.I. Allakhverdiev

PDF Price: $15

Hydrogen Production via Photofermentation

Pp. 54-77 (24)

Basar Uyar, Gökhan Kars, Meral Yücel, Ufuk Gündüz and Inci Eroglu

PDF Price: $15

Integration of Biological H2 Producing Processes

Pp. 78-93 (16)

Anatoly A. Tsygankov and Daria N. Tekucheva

PDF Price: $15

Biohydrogen Production via Fermentation of Biowastes by Microorganisms

Pp. 112-126 (15)

Vikineswary Sabaratnam and Mohammad Ali Hassan

PDF Price: $15

Kinetics of Biohydrogen Production by Dark Fermentation Processes

Pp. 127-136 (10)

Kaustubha Mohanty and Debabrata Das

PDF Price: $15

Hydrogen Production by Thermophilic Fermentation

Pp. 137-159 (23)

Ed W. J. van Niel, Karin Willquist, Ahmad A. Zeidan, Truus de Vrije, Astrid E. Mars and Pieternel A. M. Claassen

PDF Price: $15

Thermodynamic and Biochemical Aspect of Hydrogen Production by Dark Fermentation

Pp. 160-188 (29)

Richard Sparling, R. Carlo Carere, Thomas Rydzak, John Schellenberg and David B. Levin

PDF Price: $15

Role of Metabolic Engineering in Enhancing Hydrogen Yields

Pp. 188-203 (16)

C. Carere and D.B. Levin

PDF Price: $15

Hydrogen Production by Microbial Electrohydrogenesis

Pp. 204-226 (23)

Nathan Wrana and David B. Levin

PDF Price: $15

Use of Immobilized Cell Systems in Biohydrogen Production

Pp. 227-249 (23)

Nuri Azbar and Ilgi K. Kapdan

PDF Price: $15

Prospects for Biohydrogen Production

Pp. 250-257 (8)

Nuri Azbar and David B. Levin

PDF Price: $15

Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 258-268 (11)

Nuri Azbar and David B. Levin