Vitamin D and Your Body Volume Title: Why Does Vitamin D Matter?

Editor(s): J. Ruth Wu-Wong

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New tests and studies continue to reveal exciting information about the power of vitamin D in maintaining good health and preventing major illnesses. ‘Why Does Vitamin D Matter?’ not only covers ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

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Terry Opgenorth

Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. ii

J. Ruth Wu-Wong

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Pp. iii

J. Ruth Wu-Wong

A Brief History of the Vitamin D Field

Pp. 3-11 (9)

Masahide Mizobuchi

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How Does Vitamin D Work?

Pp. 12-25 (14)

Petya Valcheva and Jose M. Valdivielso

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What Have We Learned from the Epidemiology of Vitamin D?

Pp. 26-40 (15)

Csaba P. Kovesdy

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Does Vitamin D Supplementation Improve Health?

Pp. 41-56 (16)

Alan H. Lau and Yee Ming Lee

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Future Perspectives

Pp. 102-116 (15)

J. Ruth Wu-Wong

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Pp. 117-120 (4)

J. Ruth Wu-Wong