Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: Concepts and Controversies

Editor(s): Kevin R. Smith

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Sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT) represents a novel set of technologies for animal (or in the future, human) genetic modification using the sperm as a vector, as opposed to more traditional ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Ann A. Kiessling

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

Kevin R. Smith

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Pp. v-vi (2)

Kevin R. Smith

Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: History and Background

Pp. 3-11 (9)

Corrado Spadafora

PDF Price: $15

SMGT Research Findings: An Overview

Pp. 12-25 (14)

Ilaria Sciamanna and Corrado Spadafora

PDF Price: $15

Evolutionary Implications of SMGT

Pp. 26-32 (7)

Kevin R. Smith

PDF Price: $15

Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: Implications for Biotechnology and Medicine

Pp. 33-42 (10)

Michael Hölker, Nasser Ghanem, Dawit Tesfaye and Karl Schellander

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Methodology of Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer

Pp. 43-55 (13)

Yidong Niu

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Murine SMGT: An Overview of Research

Pp. 56-63 (8)

Xiaofeng Sun and Wei Shen

PDF Price: $15

Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer in Aquatic Species: Present, Past and Future

Pp. 64-75 (12)

Carlos Frederico Ceccon Lanes and Luis Fernando Marins

PDF Price: $15

Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer in Agricultural Species

Pp. 76-91 (16)

Joaquin Gadea, Francisco Alberto Garcia-Vazquez, Sebastian Canovas and John Parrington

PDF Price: $15

Manipulation of Sperm for Efficient Production of Transgenic Calves and Chicks

Pp. 92-102 (11)

Mordechai Shemesh, Laurence Shore, Yehuda Stram, Eliane Harel-Markowitz and Michael Gurevich

PDF Price: $15

The Use of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) for Gene Transfer in Mice

Pp. 103-111 (9)

Raúl Fernández-González, Pablo Bermejo-Álvarez, Miriam Pérez-Crespo, Alberto Miranda,, Ricardo, Laguna, Celia Frutos and Alfonso Gutiérrez-Adán

PDF Price: $15

Nanobiotechnology and SMGT: Future Perspectives

Pp. 112-116 (5)

Vinicius Farias Campos, Fabiana Kömmling Seixas, Odir A. Dellagostin, João Carlos Deschamps and Tiago Collares

PDF Price: $15

Models of Transgene Integration and Transmission

Pp. 117-124 (8)

Ilaria Sciamanna and Corrado Spadafora

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Pp. 125-130 (6)

Kevin R. Smith

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Pp. 131

Kevin R. Smith