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Immobilization of Amano AK lipase from Pseudomonas fluorescens on novel silk microfiber using Oxone®: Parameter optimization for enzymatic assays and use in esterification of residual palm oil

Evaldo B. M. Júnior, Fernando B. Neves, Samuel Q. Lopes , Fabrício H. Holanda , Tiago M. Souza , Erveton P. Pinto, Alex N. Oliveira, Luis P. Fonseca, Sérgio A. Yoshioka and Irlon M. Ferreira*

Biodiesel production by transesterification of soybean oil with ethanol using SBA-15 and Al-SBA-15 catalysts

Janaina C. Marinho, Erivaldo G. Lima, Tellys Lins A. Barbosa and Meiry G. F. Rodrigues*