CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets

(Formerly Current Drug Targets - CNS & Neurological Disorders)


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Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
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Articles Ahead of Print

Low Serum Levels of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 in Gunn Rats: A Hyperbilirubinemia Animal Model of Schizophrenic Symptoms

Maiko Hayashida*, Sadayuki Hashioka*, Kenji Hayashida, Shoko Miura, Keiko Tsuchie, Tomoko Araki, Muneto Izuhara, Misako Kanayama, Koji Otsuki, Michiharu Nagahama, Muhammad Alim Jaya, Ryosuke Arauchi, Rei Wake, Arata Oh-Nishi, Jun Horiguchi, Tsuyoshi Miyaoka, Masatoshi Inagak and Eishin Morita

Microbiota-Immune System Interactions in Human Neurological Disorders

Qin Huang, Fang Yu, Di Liao and Jian Xia*

Management of Impulse Control Disorders with Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease

Deborah Amstutz, Steffen Paschen, Martin Lenard Lachenmayer, Marie Elise Maradan-Gachet, Günther Deuschl, Paul Krack and Ines Debove*

Regulatory Role Of Chinese Herbal Medicine In Regulated Neuronal Death

Xiuyu Wu, Ximin Hu, Qi Zhang, Fengxia Liu and Kun Xiong*

Fibrosis and Regulation of Nerve Regeneration in the Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems

Nilabh Ghosh, Daniel Kalbermatten, Srinivas Madduri and Raphael Guzman*

Levodopa Therapy for Parkinson's Disease: History, Current Status and perspectives

Helle Bogetofte, Arezo Alamyar, Morten Blaabjerg and Morten Meyer*

The Role of Statins in the Management of Delirium: Recent Advances

Junhui Chen, Yuhai Wang, Ximin Hu, Mingchang Li, Kun Xiong, Zhaocai Zhang and Qianxue Chen*

Neural Receptors Associated with Depression: a Systematic Review of the Past 10 Years

Alice Barros Câmara* and Igor Augusto Brandão

Current Strategies and Novel Drug Approaches for Alzheimer Disease

Roma Ghai*, Kandasamy Nagarajan, Meenakshi Arora, Parul Grover, Nazakat Ali and Garima Kapoor

Modeling Parkinson’s Disease in Zebrafish

Nor Haliza Mohamad Najib, Yong Hui Nies, Syarifah Aisyah Syed Abd Halim, Mohamad Fairuz Yahaya, Srijit Das, Wei Ling Lim and Seong Lin Teoh*

Quantitative Characterization of Phenotypical Markers After Differentiation of SH-SY5Y Cells

Angélique D. Ducray, Linda Wiedmer, Fabienne Herren, Hans Rudolf Widmer and Meike Mevissen*

Impact of Cannabis-Based Medicine on Alzheimer’s Disease by Focusing on the Amyloid β-Modifications: A Systematic Study

Tahereh Farkhondeh, Haroon Khan, Michael Aschner, Fariborz Samini, Ali Mohammad Pourbagher-Shahri, Hamed Aramjoo, Babak Roshanravan, Christopher Hoyte, Omid Mehrpour and Saeed Samarghandian*

When Sick Brain and Hopelessness Meet: Some Aspects of Suicidality in the Neurological Patient

A. Costanza*, A. Amerio, A. Aguglia, A. Escelsior, G. Serafini, I. Berardelli, M. Pompili and M. Amore

Radiotherapy and Its Impact on the Nervous System of Cancer Survivors

Gautam Kumar, Priyadarshini Dutta, Vipan K. Parihar, Mallikarjuna Rao Chamallamudi and Nitesh Kumar*

Road From Nose to Brain for Treatment of Alzheimer: The Bumps and Humps

Rajesh Kumar, Monica Gulati, Sachin Kumar Singh, Deepika Sharma and Omji Porwal*

Autoimmune Encephalitis: Current Knowledge on Subtypes, Disease Mechanisms and Treatment

Mette Scheller Nissen, Matias Ryding, Morten Meyer and Morten Blaabjerg*

Inflammation and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Maria Gevezova, Victoria Sarafian*, George Anderson and Michael Maes

The locus of Action of CGRPergic Monoclonal Antibodies Against Migraine: Peripheral Over Central Mechanisms

Abimael González-Hernández, Bruno A. Marichal-Cancino, Enrique García-Boll and Carlos M. Villalón*

Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems and their Potential in Alzheimer’s Disease Management

Panoraia I. Siafaka, Ece Özcan Bülbül, Gökce Mutlu, Mehmet EvrenOkur, Ioannis D. Karantas and Neslihan Üstündağ Okur*

Metabolic Adjustments by LncRNAs in Peripheral Neutrophils Partly Account for the Complete Compensation of Asymptomatic MMD Patients

Ziping Han, Lingzhi Li, Ping Liu, Yuyou Huang, Sijia Zhang, Guangwen Li, Fangfang Li, Haiping Zhao, Zhen Tao, Rongliang Wang, Qingfeng Ma and Yumin Luo*

Lisdexamfetamine Alters BOLD-fMRI Activations Induced by Odor Cues in Impulsive Children

Silvia S. Hidalgo Tobón, Pilar Dies Suárez, Eduardo Barragán Pérez, Javier M. Hernández López, Julio García and Benito de Celis Alonso*

MAPK: A Key Player in the Development and Progression of Stroke

Yangmin Zheng, Ziping Han, Haiping Zhao and Yumin Luo*

Yishen Huazhuo Decoction Induces Autophagy to Promote the Clearance of Aβ1-42 in SAMP8 Mice: Mechanism Research of a Traditional Chinese Formula Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Kai Wang, Weiming Sun, Jiachun Xu, Qijing Qin, Zhen Yu, Ruzhen Cheng, Linlin Zhang, Shuang Liu, Zhen Zhou, Yulian Zhang* and Yuanwu Cui

Evidence on the New Drug Lumateperone (ITI-007) for Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders

Marianna Mazza*, Giuseppe Marano, Gianandrea Traversi, Gabriele Sani and Luigi Janiri

Current and Future of Alzheimer's Therapy with the best Approach

Harminder Singh, Viney Chawla*, Ritu Bala and Harish Dureja