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Volume: 9 Issue: 7, September 2012

Reviewing the Role of Donepezil in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 773-781
Rachelle S. Doody, Jeffrey L. Cummings and Martin R. Farlow
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455412
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Structural and Functional Impairment of the Retina and Optic Nerve in Alzheimer’s Disease

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 782-788
Marilita M Moschos, Ioannis Markopoulos, Irini Chatziralli, Alexandros Rouvas, Sokratis G Papageorgiou, Ioannis Ladas and Dimitrios Vassilopoulos
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455340
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Computer based Classification of MR Scans in First Time Applicant Alzheimer Patients

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 789-794
Fatma Polat, Selcuk Orhan Demirel, Omer Kitis, Fatma Simsek, Damla Isman Haznedaroglu, Kerry Coburn, Emre Kumral and Ali Saffet Gonul
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455359
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Dementia After Age 75: Survival in Different Severity Stages and Years of Life Lost

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 795-800
Debora Rizzuto, Rino Bellocco, Miia Kivipelto, Francesca Clerici, Anders Wimo and Laura Fratiglioni
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455421
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Analysis of Copy Number Variation in Alzheimer’s Disease: The NIALOAD/ NCRAD Family Study

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 801-814
Shanker Swaminathan, Li Shen, Sungeun Kim, Mark Inlow, John D. West, Kelley M. Faber, Tatiana Foroud, Richard Mayeux and Andrew J. Saykin
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455331
Published on: 03 August, 2012

BDNF Serum Concentrations Show No Relationship with Diagnostic Group or Medication Status in Neurodegenerative Disease

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 815-821
Josh D. Woolley, Eric V. Strobl, Wendy B. Shelly, Anna M. Karydas, R. N. Robin Ketelle, Owen M. Wolkowitz, Bruce L. Miller and Katherine P. Rankin
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455395
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Mechanisms Involved in BACE Upregulation Associated to Stress

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 822-829
Eva Martisova, Maite Solas, Gorka Gerenu, Fermin I. Milagro, Javier Campion and Maria J. Ramirez
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455368
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Current Advancements in Aβ Luminescent Probes and Inhibitors of Aβ Aggregation

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 830-843
Dik-Lung Ma, Daniel Shiu-Hin Chan, Victor Pui-Yan Ma, Ka-Ho Leung, Hai-Jing Zhong and Chung-Hang Leung
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455377
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Amyloid-Beta Peptide 1-42 Causes Microtubule Deregulation through N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptors in Mature Hippocampal Cultures

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 844-856
Sandra I. Mota, Ildete L. Ferreira, Claudia Pereira, Catarina R. Oliveira and A. Cristina Rego
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455322
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Amyloid Beta 1-42 Inhibits Entorhinal Cortex Activity in the Beta-Gamma Range: Role of GSK-3

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 857-863
Fernando Pena-Ortega, Angeles Solis-Cisneros, Benito Ordaz, Hugo Balleza-Tapia and Juan Javier Lopez-Guerrero
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455403
Published on: 03 August, 2012

Roles of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 in Alzheimer’s Disease

Volume:9   Issue: 7
Pp: 864-879
Zhiyou Cai, Yu Zhao and Bin Zhao
DOI: 10.2174/156720512802455386
Published on: 03 August, 2012