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Volume: 12 Issue: 8, October 2015

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Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 711-711
Robert P Friedland
DOI: 10.2174/156720501208150911123357
Published on: 11 September, 2015

Neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease: Integrated Molecular, Physiological, Anatomical, Biomarker, and Cognitive Dimensions open access plus

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 712-722
Joel Raskin, Jeffrey Cummings, John Hardy, Kory Schuh and Robert A. Dean
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150701103107
Published on: 30 June, 2015

Insulin Resistance as Common Molecular Denominator Linking Obesity to Alzheimer’s Disease

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 723-735
Domenico Nuzzo, Pasquale Picone, Sara Baldassano, Luca Caruana, Elisa Messina, Antonella Marino Gammazza, Francesco Cappello, Flavia Mulè and Marta Di Carlo
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710115506
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Mediterranean Diet and Risk of Dementia

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 736-744
Apostolos Safouris, Georgios Tsivgoulis, Theodoros N. Sergentanis and Theodora Psaltopoulou
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710114430
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Effect of PSEN1 mutations on MAPT methylation in early-onset Alzheimer’s disease

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 745-751
Kirsten G. Coupland, Woojin S. Kim, Glenda M. Halliday, Marianne Hallupp, Carol Dobson-Stone and John B.J. Kwok
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710110756
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Increased Acetylation of Histone H4 at Lysine 12 (H4K12) in Monocytes of Transgenic Alzheimer’s Mice and in Human Patients open access plus

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 752-760
Barbara Plagg, Daniela Ehrlich, Kathrin M. Kniewallner, Josef Marksteiner and Christian Humpel
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710114256
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Anti-dementia drugs-related changes in gait performance while single and dual tasking in patients with Alzheimer disease: a meta-analysis

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 761-771
O. Beauchet, C. P. Launay, M Montero-Odasso, C Annweiler and G. Allali
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710111341
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Long-Term Effects of Intracerebroventricular Streptozotocin Treatment on Adult Neurogenesis in the Rat Hippocampus

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 772-784
Ping Sun, Ana Knezovic, Milena Parlak, Jacqueline Cuber, Margherita M. Karabeg, Jürgen Deckert, Peter Riederer, Qian Hua, Melita Salkovic-Petrisic and Angelika G. Schmitt
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710112147
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Mitochondrial Deficits Accompany Cognitive Decline Following Single Bilateral Intracerebroventricular Streptozotocin

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 785-795
Ramesh K. Paidi, Dominic N Nthenge-Ngumbau, Raghavendra Singh, Thulasi Kankanala, Hina Mehta and Kochupurackal P. Mohanakumar
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710112618
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Emotion and Destination Memory in Alzheimer’s Disease

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 796-801
Mohamad El Haj, Stephane Raffard, Pascal Antoine and Marie-Christine Gely-Nargeot
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710112802
Published on: 10 July, 2015

Screening of Early and Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic Risk Factors in a Cohort of Dementia Patients from Liguria, Italy

Volume:12   Issue: 8
Pp: 802-812
Raffaele Ferrari, Michela Ferrara, Anwar Alinani, Roger Brian Sutton, Francesco Famà, Agnese Picco, Guido Rodriguez, Flavio Nobili and Parastoo Momeni
DOI: 10.2174/1567205012666150710114751
Published on: 10 July, 2015