Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry


Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS
(32052 citations)
Kings College
University of Cambridge
Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary
(27325 citations)
H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry
University of Karachi
Davide Barreca
Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences
University of Messina

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myo-Inositol Monophosphatase: A Challenging Target for Mood Stabilising Drugs

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 107-113
D. J. Miller and R. K. Allemann
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802624

Breath Analysis: The Approach Towards Clinical Applications

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 115-129
Anton Amann, Patrik Spanel and David Smith
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802606

Cytotoxic Thiol Alkylators

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 131-139
Hari N. Pati, Umashankar Das, Rajendra K. Sharma and Jonathan R. Dimmock
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802642

Translational Therapeutic Str ategies in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 141-150
Hoon Ryu and Robert J. Ferrante
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802570

Inhibiting Protein-Protein Interactions as an Emerging Paradigm for Drug Discovery

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 151-157
J. A. Gerrard, C. A. Hutton and M. A. Perugini
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802561

Natural and Synthetic Cholera Toxin Antagonists

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 159-170
I. A. Velter, M. Politi, C. Podlipnik and F. Nicotra
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802589

Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer Disease and Aging: Antioxidants

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 171-180
Quan Liu, Fang Xie, Raj Rolston, Paula I. Moreira, Akihiko Nunomura, Xiongwei Zhu, Mark A. Smith and George Perry
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802552

Cheminformatics in Anti-Infective Agents Discovery

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 181-189
S. Sardari and M. Dezfulian
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802633

Last Findings on Dual Inhibitors of Abl and Src Tyrosine-Kinases

Volume:7   Issue: 2
Pp: 191-201
S. Schenone, F. Manetti and M. Botta
DOI: 10.2174/138955707779802598