Current Neuropharmacology


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University Rome"da Sapienza"

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Challenges of Delirium Management in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury: From Pathophysiology to Clinical Practice

Shawniqua Williams Roberson, Mayur B. Patel, Wojciech Dabrowski, E. Wesley Ely, Cezary Pakulski and Katarzyna Kotfis *

Post-Translational Modifications of BACE1 in Alzheimer’s Disease

Wen Wen, Ping Li, Panwang Liu, Shijun Xu*, Fushun Wang* and Jason H Huang

Acid-Sensing Ion Channels: Focus on Physiological and Some Pathological Roles in the Brain

Maksim Storozhuka*, Andrii Cherninskyia, Oleksandr Maximyuka, Dmytro Isaeva and Oleg Krishtala

Early Biomarkers and Intervention Programs for the Infant Exposed to Prenatal Stress

Marta C. Antonelli*, Martin G. Frasch, Mercedes Rumi, Ritika Sharma, Peter Zimmermann, Maria Sol Molinet and Silvia M. Lobmaier

The benzydamine experience: a systematic review of benzydamine abuse

Chiappini Stefania, Miuli Andrea, Mosca Alessio, Pettorruso Mauro, Guirguis Amira, Corkery John Martin, Martinotti Giovanni, Di Giannantonio Massimo and Schifano Fabrizio*

PTSD in the COVID-19 Era

Farah Chamaa, Hisham F. Bahmad, Batoul Darwish, Jana M. Kobeissi , Malak Hoballah, Sibell Bou Nassif , Yara Ghandour , Jean-Paul Saliba , Nada Lawand and Wassim Abou-Kheir*

Targeting Glioblastoma: The Current State of Different Therapeutic Approaches

Imran Khan, Sadaf Mahfooz, Elif Burce Elbasan, Busra Karacam, Mustafa Namik Oztanir and Mustafa Aziz Hatiboglu*

Vortioxetine vs. Other Antidepressants in Patients with Major Depressive Episode With or Without Substance Use Disorder

Georgios D. Kotzalidis*, Ginevra Lombardozzi, Marta Matrone, Emanuela Amici, Filippo Perrini, Ilaria Cuomo and Sergio De Filippis

Crocus sativus L. (Saffron) in Alzheimer’s disease treatment: bioactive effects on cognitive impairment

Grazia D’Onofrio*, Seyed Mohammad Nabavi, Daniele Sancarlo, Antonio Greco and Stefano Pieretti

Chlorogenic Acid Improves PTSD-like Symptoms and Associated Mechanisms

Xing-Dong Chen, Jun-Jie Tang, Shuang Feng, Hua Huang, Feng-Nian Lu, Xiu-Min Lu* and Yong-Tang Wang*