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Open Access Articles

Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids for Skin Photoprotection open Access plus

Volume: 25   Issue: 40
Pp: 5512-5527
Karl P. Lawrence, Paul F. Long and Antony R. Young*

Common Aspects Influencing the Translocation of SERS to Biomedicine open Access plus

Volume: 25   Issue: 35
Pp: 4638-4652
Dionysia Tsoutsi, Marcos Sanles-Sobrido, Andreu Cabot and Pilar-Rivera Gil*

Emerging Technologies for Cancer Research: Towards Personalized Medicine with Microfluidic Platforms and 3D Tumor Models open Access plus

Volume: 25   Issue: 35
Pp: 4616-4637
Matteo Turetta, Fabio Del Ben, Giulia Brisotto, Eva Biscontin, Michela Bulfoni, Daniela Cesselli, Alfonso Colombatti, Giacinto Scoles, Giuseppe Gigli and Loretta L. del Mercato*

Coating Matters: Review on Colloidal Stability of Nanoparticles with Biocompatible Coatings in Biological Media, Living Cells and Organisms open Access plus

Volume: 25   Issue: 35
Pp: 4553-4586
Jonas Schubert* and Munish Chanana*

Vitamin D Receptor: A Novel Therapeutic Target for Kidney Diseases open Access plus

Volume: 25   Issue: 27
Pp: 3256-3271
Shikun Yang, Aimei Li, JianWen Wang, Jun Liu, Yachun Han, Wei Zhang, Yan Chun Li and Hao Zhang*

Serotonin Receptor Binding Characteristics of Geissoschizine Methyl Ether, an Indole Alkaloid in Uncaria Hook open Access plus

Volume: 25   Issue: 9
Pp: 1036-1045
Yasushi Ikarashi, Kyoji Sekiguchi and Kazushige Mizoguchi*

NGS Technologies as a Turning Point in Rare Disease Research , Diagnosis and Treatment open Access plus

Volume: 25   Issue: 3
Pp: 404-432
Ana Fernandez-Marmiesse*, Sofia Gouveia and Maria L. Couce *

Immunocontraception: Filamentous Bacteriophage as a Platform for Vaccine Development open Access plus

Volume: 24   Issue: 35
Pp: 3907-3920
Tatiana I. Samoylova*, Timothy D. Braden, Jennifer A. Spencer and Frank F. Bartol

A Therapeutic Connection between Dietary Phytochemicals and ATP Synthase open Access plus

Volume: 24   Issue: 35
Pp: 3894-3906
Zulfiqar Ahmad*, Sherif S. Hassan and Sofiya Azim

A Systematic Analysis of Physicochemical and ADME Properties of All Small Molecule Kinase Inhibitors Approved by US FDA from January 2001 to October 2015 open Access plus

Volume: 24   Issue: 29
Pp: 3159-3184
Zhihong O`Brien and Mehran F. Moghaddam*