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Volume: 28 Issue: 14, April 2021

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Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2655-2656
Piero Portincasa
DOI: 10.2174/092986732814210505081423

A Comprehensive Overview of Colon Cancer- A Grim Reaper of the 21st Century

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2657-2696
Rajesh Kumar, Seetha Harilal, Simone Carradori* and Bijo Mathew*
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666201026143757
Published on: 26 October, 2020

Advancing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Bioactive Molecules by Delivery Vehicle Platforms

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2697-2706
Antonis D. Tsiailanis, Andreas G. Tzakos and Thomas Mavromoustakos*
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666200605154506
Published on: 05 June, 2020

Copper-Induced Epigenetic Changes Shape the Clinical Phenotype in Wilson’s Disease

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2707-2716
Daniela Fanni*, Clara Gerosa, Valeria Marina Nurchi, Rosita Cappai, Marta Mureddu, Peter Van Eyken, Luca Saba, Mirko Manchia and Gavino Faa
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666200730214757
Published on: 30 July, 2020

Mitophagy: A Novel Therapeutic Target for Treating DN

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2717-2728
Ming Yang, Chenrui Li, Shikun Yang, Ying Xiao, Wei Chen, Peng Gao, Na Jiang, Shan Xiong, Ling Wei, Qin Zhang, Jinfei Yang, Lingfeng Zeng and Lin Sun*
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666201006152656
Published on: 06 October, 2020

NMR Spectroscopy in the Conformational Analysis of Peptides: An Overview

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2729-2782
Marian Vincenzi, Flavia Anna Mercurio and Marilisa Leone*
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666200702131032
Published on: 02 July, 2020

Transcriptional Dysregulation in Huntington’s Disease: The Role in Pathogenesis and Potency for Pharmacological Targeting open access plus

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2783-2806
Aleksandra Pogoda, Natalia Chmielewska*, Piotr Maciejak and Janusz Szyndler
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666200705225821
Published on: 05 July, 2020

Tanshinones: An Update in the Medicinal Chemistry in Recent 5 Years

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2807-2827
Zhencheng Lai, Jixiao He, Changxin Zhou, Huajun Zhao and Sunliang Cui*
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666200521124850
Published on: 21 May, 2020

Biosensors and Bioanalytical Devices based on Magnetic Particles: A Review

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2828-2841
Miroslav Pohanka*
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327666200730213721
Published on: 30 July, 2020

Dysfunctional High-density Lipoprotein: The Role of Myeloperoxidase and Paraoxonase-1

Volume:28   Issue: 14
Pp: 2842-2850
Tiziana Bacchetti, Gianna Ferretti*, Federico Carbone, Stefano Ministrini, Fabrizio Montecucco, Tannaz Jamialahmadi and Amirhossein Sahebkar*
DOI: 10.2174/0929867327999200716112353
Published on: 16 July, 2020