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Stefano Palomba
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Unit
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Reggio Emilia

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Volume: 3 Issue: 2, May

Micro/Nanoparticle Design and Fabrication for Pharmaceutical Drug Preparation and Delivery Applications

Volume:3   Issue: 2
Pp: 78-97
Nanda Gopal Sahoo, Ali Abbas and Chang Ming Li
DOI: 10.2174/157488508784221253
Published on: 01 March, 2012

Novel Therapeutic Agents for Resistant Gram-Positive Infections

Volume:3   Issue: 2
Pp: 98-110
Roberto Manfredi and Leonardo Calza
DOI: 10.2174/157488508784221226
Published on: 01 March, 2012

Potential Benefits of Glitazones for Cancer and Vascular Disease

Volume:3   Issue: 2
Pp: 111-125
Jose M. Perez-Ortiz, Silvia Llorens, Juan Llopis, Pedro A. Tranque and Eduardo Nava
DOI: 10.2174/157488508784221271
Published on: 01 March, 2012

A Review of Current Strategies for Treatment Resistant Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Volume:3   Issue: 2
Pp: 126-142
Giuseppe Maina, Umberto Albert, Virginio Salvi and Filippo Bogetto
DOI: 10.2174/157488508784221235
Published on: 01 March, 2012

Local Drug Delivery to Inner Ear for Treatment of Hearing Loss

Volume:3   Issue: 2
Pp: 143-147
Takayuki Nakagawa and Juichi Ito
DOI: 10.2174/157488508784221244
Published on: 01 March, 2012

The Pharmacological Management of Delirium in Critical Illness

Volume:3   Issue: 2
Pp: 148-157
Alessandro Morandi, Max L. Gunther, E. Wesley Ely and Pratik Pandharipande
DOI: 10.2174/157488508784221262
Published on: 01 March, 2012