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Samuel Achilefu
Washington University
St. Louis, MO

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Articles Ahead of Print

A Comprehensive Review of Effective Adsorbents Used for the Removal of Dyes from Wastewater

Dhanya Vishnu, Balaji Dhandapani*, Swetha Authilingam and Shri Vigneshwar Sivakumar

Published on: 31 August, 2020

Electrochemiluminescence Sensors based on Lanthanide Nanomaterials as Modifiers

Sepideh Mohammad Beigia*, Fazeleh Mesgari, Morteza Hosseinib, Davoud Dastan and Guobao Xu

Published on: 16 August, 2020

Carbon Nanomaterial-Based Drug Sensing Platforms Using State-of-the- Art Electroanalytical Techniques

S. Irem Kaya, Ahmet Cetinkaya and Sibel A. Ozkan*

Published on: 01 August, 2020

Wastewater Treatment and Biomedical Applications of Montmorillonite Based Nanocomposites: A Review

Aabid Hussain Bhat, Tauseef Ahmad Rangreez, Inamuddin and Hamida-Tun-Nisa Chisti*

Published on: 29 July, 2020

Application of Solid-state Electrochemical Analysis in Ancient Ceramic Identification and Characterization: A Review

Guangfu Liu, Xinghua Yang, Weiting Ye, Jiangwei Zhu, Kefeng Xie and Li Fu*

Published on: 06 August, 2020

Two-pot Oxidative Preparation of Dicarboxylic Acid Containing Cellulose for the Removal of Beryllium (Be2+) from Aqueous Solution

Vedat Tolga Özdemir, Himmet Mert Tuğaç and Özgür Arar*

Published on: 19 July, 2020