Structural Failure Analysis and Prediction Methods for Aerospace Vehicles and Structures

Editor(s): Sook-Ying Ho

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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This book deals with structural failure (induced by mechanical, aerodynamic, acoustic and aero-thermal, loads, etc.) of modern aerospace vehicles, in particular high-speed aircraft, solid propellant ...
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Chi Tsieh (Jimmy) Liu

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Sook-Ying Ho

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Sook-Ying Ho


Pp. vi-x (5)

Sook-Ying Ho

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A Generic Design Procedure for the Repair of Acoustically Damaged Panels

Pp. 18-53 (36)

R.J. Callinan, C.H. Wang, S.C. Galea and S. Sanderson

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Application of Refined Plate Theory to Fracture and Fatigue

Pp. 96-132 (37)

A. Kotousov and J. Codrington

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Pp. 178-180 (3)

S.Y. Ho