The State of the Science in Universal Design: Emerging Research and Developments

Editor(s): Jordana L. Maisel

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Universal Design and the Built Environment (RERC-UD), a federally funded research center located in The University at Buffalo, hosted a series of ...
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Pp. i

John P.S. Salmen

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Pp. ii-iii (2)

Jordana L. Maisel

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Pp. iv-vi (3)

Jordana L. Maisel

Advancing Universal Design

Pp. 1-19 (19)

Edward Steinfeld

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Emerging Markets for Great Design

Pp. 20-30 (11)

Margaret Wylde and Susan Hunter

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Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) in Universal Design

Pp. 31-46 (16)

Roger O. Smith

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Benchmarking the Effectiveness of Universal Designs

Pp. 47-56 (10)

Gary Scott Danford, Michael Grimble and Jordana L. Maisel

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Using Human Factors Research as an Evidence Base

Pp. 57-70 (14)

Edward Steinfeld

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Advancing Universal Design through Evidence Based Practice: Residential Environments

Pp. 71-79 (9)

Danise Levine and Jordana L. Maisel

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Walking in Winter

Pp. 99-107 (9)

Yue Li, Brandi Row, Jennifer Hsu and Geoff Fernie

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Post Occupancy Evaluation: Aquarium

Pp. 108-121 (14)

Carrie Bruce

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Legislation, Anthropometry, and Education: The Southeast Asian Experience

Pp. 144-152 (9)

Samantha Whybrow, Asiah Abdul Rahim, Vikas Sharma, Shivani Gupta, Lyndal Millikan and Catherine Bridge

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Moving Forward

Pp. 153-155 (3)

Jordana L. Maisel

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Pp. 156-160 (5)

Jordana L. Maisel