Air Pollution: Economic Modelling and Control Policies

Editor(s): Maria Llop

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Environmental pollution has received the attention of both economists and ecologists who have integrated their ideas and concepts in recent decades. Production and consumption of material goods ...
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Antonio Manresa

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Maria Llop

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Maria Llop

Atmospheric Emissions and Structural Path Analysis in the Spanish Economy

Pp. 31-45 (15)

Isabela Butnar, Blanca Gallego, Maria Llop and Francesc Castells

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Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in the Spanish Economy

Pp. 46-64 (19)

M. Alejandro Cardenete and Patricia D. Fuentes Saguar

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Compilation of Greek Regional Nameas and Emission Intensities for the Year 2005

Pp. 96-111 (16)

Charalambos Economidis, Nikos Stromplos and Athanasios Sfetsos

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Input-Output Table for Environmental Analysis of Japan: Construction and Application Study to Solar Power Satellites  Open Access Plus

Pp. 149-174 (26)

Satoshi Nakano and Keiichiro Asakura

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Pp. 175-176 (2)

Maria Llop