Current Advances in the Medical Application of Nanotechnology

Editor(s): Mark Slevin

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Nanotechnology promises new medical therapies, more rapid and sensitive diagnostic and investigative tools for normal and diseased tissues, and new materials for tissue engineering. This e-book ...
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Mark Slevin

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Jian-Xing Ma

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Mark Slevin

Nanocrystalline Silver: Use in Wound Care

Pp. 25-31 (7)

Valerie Edwards-Jones

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Applications of Nanotechnology in Imaging and Therapy of Cancer

Pp. 43-72 (30)

Xiang-Hong Peng, Debatosh Majumdar and Dong M. Shin

PDF Price: $15

Role of Nanotechnology in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Pp. 107-124 (18)

Kristen M. Jaruszewski, Rajesh S. Omtri and Karunya K. Kandimalla

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Pp. 125-127 (3)

Mark Slevin