Targeting Bacterial Membrane Proteins to Explore the Beneficial Effects of Natural Products: New Antibiotics against Drug Resistance

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Author(s): Piying Huang, Zhe Wang, Kun Cai, Liangwan Wei, Yindi Chu, Mingquan Guo*, Enguo Fan*

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Antibiotic resistance is currently a world health crisis that urges the development of new antibacterial substances. To this end, natural products, including flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, steroids, peptides and organic acids that play a vital role in the development of medicines and thus constitute a rich source in clinical practices, provide an important source of drugs directly or for the screen of lead compounds for new antibiotic development. Because membrane proteins, which comprise more than 60% of the current clinical drug targets, play crucial roles in signal transduction, transport, bacterial pathogenicity and drug resistance, as well as immunogenicity, it is our aim to summarize those natural products with different structures that target bacterial membrane proteins, such as efflux pumps and enzymes, to provide an overview for the development of new antibiotics to deal with antibiotic resistance.

Keywords: Natural products, bacterial membrane proteins, antibiotic resistance, drug development, efflux pumps, enzymes

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(E-pub Abstract Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/0929867328666210614121222
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