Advances in Nonconventional Machining Processes

Advances in Nonconventional Machining Processes

Editor(s): Suneev Anil Bansal

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In the modern era of manufacturing, unconventional machining methods are quite popular due to various advantages such as high accuracy, excellent surface finish, less tool wear, much quieter ...
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Suneev Anil Bansal

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Suneev Anil Bansal

Ultrasonic Machining Process - A Review

Pp. 1-16 (16)

Janender Kumar, Amrinder Pal Singh, Anurag Thakur and Munish Mehta

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Tool Electrode Material and Tool Fabrication Techniques for Electrical Discharge Machining Process

Pp. 17-41 (25)

Arminder Singh Walia, Vineet Srivastava, Vivek Jain and Amit Handa

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Thermally Enhanced Non-Conventional Machining Process- A Review

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Janender Kumar, Suneev Anil Bansal and Munish Mehta

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AWJM Process- A Review

Pp. 58-70 (13)

Mamta, Sachin Mohal, Saurabh Chaitanya and Ankitmani Tripathi

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Innovations in Abrasive Machining

Pp. 71-87 (17)

Anupam Thakur, Chander Prakash and Ramakant Rana

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A Review on Electrical Discharge Machining of Ceramic Based Composite Material

Pp. 88-102 (15)

Mamta, Suneev Anil Bansal and Bhuvnesh Kumar

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Current Developments in Machining of Titanium Based Alloys using Wire EDM

Pp. 103-119 (17)

Kamaljit Singh and Virat Khanna

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Recent Developments in EDM and its Types

Pp. 120-132 (13)

Anupam Thakur and Suneev Anil Bansal

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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in The Manufacturing Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

Pp. 133-147 (15)

Hitesh Pahuja, PK Khosla and Balwinder Singh

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Pp. 148-150 (3)

Suneev Anil Bansal