Emerging Technologies in Agriculture and Food Science

Emerging Technologies in Agriculture and Food Science

Editor(s): Karim Ennouri

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Cultivators and livestock farmers are increasingly arranging innovative technical and scientific estimations with the aim to enhance agricultural sustainability, effectiveness, and plant health. ...
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Faiçal Brini

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Karim Ennouri

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Karim Ennouri

Active Compounds from Pomegranate Seed: New Source for Food Applications

Pp. 1-31 (31)

Slim Smaoui, Mariam Fourati, Hajer Ben Hlima, Khaoula Elhadef, Olfa Ben Braïek, Ahlem Chakchouk- Mtibaa, Imen Sellem and Lotfi Mellouli

PDF Price: $15

Application of Enterococci and their Bacteriocins for Meat Biopreservation

Pp. 32-63 (32)

Olfa Ben Braïek, Paola Cremonesi and Stefano Morandi

PDF Price: $15

Technological Advancement in the Detection and Identification of Plant Pathogens

Pp. 64-90 (27)

Yaakoub Gharbi, Emna Bouazizi, Manel Cheffi and Mohamed Ali Triki

PDF Price: $15

Machine Learning for Precision Agriculture: Methods and Applications

Pp. 91-107 (17)

Ennio Ottaviani, Enrico Barelli and Karim Ennouri

PDF Price: $15

Use of Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information System for Agriculture and Environmental Observation

Pp. 108-138 (31)

Karim Ennouri, Ennio Ottaviani, Slim Smaoui and Mohamed Ali Triki

PDF Price: $15

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Pp. 139-146 (8)

Karim Ennouri