Recent Advances in Obesity Research

Recent Advances in Obesity Research

Volume: 1

Understanding Obesity: From its Causes to Impact on Life

Editor(s): Rosário Monteiro and Maria João Martins

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Understanding Obesity informs readers about contributing factors to obesity: from social and behavioral determinants throughout the life course, influences from before we are born to what we eat ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Gerhard P. Püschel

Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. iii-iii (2)

Rosário Monteiro and Maria João Martins

List of Contributors  promotion: free to download

Pp. v-ix (5)

Rosário Monteiro and Maria João Martins

A Life Course Approach to Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Pp. 1-26 (26)

Joana Araújo and Elisabete Ramos

PDF Price: $30

Social and Health Behavior Determinants of Obesity

Pp. 27-54 (28)

Andreia Oliveira, Catarina Durão and Carla Lopes

PDF Price: $30

Obesity and Adipose Tissue Remodeling

Pp. 55-80 (26)

Adriana R. Rodrigues, Maria J. Salazar and Alexandra M. Gouveia

PDF Price: $30

Adipokines as Emerging Biomarkers of Adipocyte Dysfunction

Pp. 81-99 (19)

Marco Assunção, João T. Guimarães, Margarida Faria and Rosário Monteiro

PDF Price: $30

Metabolic Inflammation at the Crossroads of Obesity Phenotypes

Pp. 100-123 (24)

Inês Brandão, Célia Candeias and Rosário Monteiro

PDF Price: $30

Environmental Chemical Obesogens  Open Access Plus

Pp. 124-157 (34)

Diana Teixeira and Diogo Pestana

Medical Management of the Obese Patient

Pp. 158-191 (34)

Paula Freitas, Vanessa Guerreiro and Davide Carvalho

PDF Price: $30

Current Pharmacological Approaches in Obesity Treatment

Pp. 192-210 (19)

Nuno Borges and Alejandro Santos

PDF Price: $30

Managing Obesity with Bariatric Surgery

Pp. 211-235 (25)

Gil Faria

PDF Price: $30

The Role of Macronutrients in Diets for Weight Control

Pp. 236-270 (35)

Cátia Braga-Pontes, Vânia S. Ribeiro and Cidália D. Pereira

PDF Price: $30

The Relevance of Polyphenols in Obesity Therapy

Pp. 271-307 (37)

Ana Faria, Cristina Pereira-Wilson and Rita Negrão

PDF Price: $30

Maternal Nutrition and Developmental Programming of Obesity

Pp. 308-323 (16)

Fátima Martel and Elisa Keating

PDF Price: $30

Targeting Gut Microbiota in Obesity Control

Pp. 324-342 (19)

Cláudia Marques and Conceição Calhau

PDF Price: $30

Modulatory Impact of Physical Exercise on the Morphological and Metabolic Features of White Adipose Tissue

Pp. 343-373 (31)

Sílvia Rocha-Rodrigues, Jorge Beleza, António Ascensão and José Magalhães

PDF Price: $30

Stress and Obesity

Pp. 374-399 (26)

Isabel Azevedo

PDF Price: $30

Breaking the Borders Between Obesity and Cancer

Pp. 400-424 (25)

Pedro Coelho, Raquel Costa, Susana G. Guerreiro, Raquel Soares and Sara Andrade

PDF Price: $30

Obesity: A Bad Partner for the Elderly

Pp. 425-464 (40)

Henrique Almeida and Delminda Neves

PDF Price: $30

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 465-477 (13)

Rosário Monteiro and Maria João Martins