Evaluation of Environmental Contaminants and Natural Products: A Human Health Perspective

Evaluation of Environmental Contaminants and Natural Products: A Human Health Perspective

Editor(s): Ashita Sharma, Manish Kumar, Satwinderjeet Kaur and Avinash Kaur Nagpal

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Unbridled urbanization and development of natural land resources has led to the degradation of our surrounding environment. The air that we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat is at risk ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Ashita Sharma and Manish Kumar

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Pp. iii

Renu Wadhwa

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Pp. vi-v (2)

Ashita Sharma and Manish Kumar

Environmental Contaminants: Sources and Effects

Pp. 1-23 (23)

Savita, Vivek Chopra and Anuradha Sharma

PDF Price: $15

Environmental Pollutants and Risk of Cancer

Pp. 24-46 (23)

Indranil Chattopadhyay

PDF Price: $15

Toxicity of Environmental Contaminants: Use of Battery of Standard Biological Assays

Pp. 47-64 (18)

Tajinder Kaur, Sneh Rajput, Gurpreet Kaur, Renu Bhardwaj and Saroj Arora

PDF Price: $15

Allium cepa Root Chromosomal Aberration Assay: A Tool to Assess Genotoxicity of Environmental Contaminants

Pp. 65-93 (29)

Mandeep Kaur, Ashita Sharma, Rajneet Kour Soodan, Vanita Chahal, Vaneet Kumar, Jatinder Kaur Katnoria and Avinash Kaur Nagpal

PDF Price: $15

Pesticides: Problems and Remedial Measures

Pp. 94-115 (22)

Sonal Yadav and Satyawati Sharma

PDF Price: $15

Biphenyls: Health Impacts and Toxicity Evaluation

Pp. 116-137 (22)

Sakshi Sharma, Avinash Kaur Nagpal and Inderpreet Kaur

PDF Price: $15

Actinomycete Enabled Remediation Strategies: Potential Tool for Pollutant Removal from Diverse Niches

Pp. 138-159 (22)

Anu Kalia, Sukhjinder Kaur and Madhurama Gangwar

PDF Price: $15

Role of Phytoconstituents in Modulating Xenobiotic Metabolism

Pp. 160-192 (33)

Harsimran Kaur, Sandeep Kaur, Satwinderjeet Kaur and Paramjeet Kaur

PDF Price: $15

Potential Health Benefits of Nutraceuticals for Human Health

Pp. 193-209 (17)

Sandeep Kaur, Manish Kumar, Kritika Pandit, Ajay Kumar and Satwinderjeet Kaur

PDF Price: $15

Caspases and Phytochemicals: An Important Link in Cancer Chemoprevention

Pp. 210-243 (34)

Manish Kumar, Sandeep Kaur, Varinder Kaur and Satwinderjeet Kaur

PDF Price: $15

Understanding Molecular Diagnosis in Cancer

Pp. 244-264 (21)

Trupti N. Patel and Priyanjali Bhattacharya

PDF Price: $15

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Pp. 265-276 (12)

Ashita Sharma and Manish Kumar