Recent Advances in Anesthesiology

Recent Advances in Anesthesiology

Volume: 2

Anesthesia: A Topical Update – Thoracic, Cardiac, Neuro, ICU, and Interesting Cases

Editor(s): Amballur D. John

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This book provides an updated information about major systems for anesthesia in patients with concomitant diseases. Book chapters are designed to allow anesthesia providers to refresh their ...
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Pp. i

Amballur D. John

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Pp. ii

Amballur D. John

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Pp. iii

Amballur D. John

Thoracic Anesthesia

Pp. 23-69 (47)

Chandrika R. Garner, Adair Q. Locke and Thomas F. Slaughter

PDF Price: $15

Cardiac Anesthesia

Pp. 70-103 (34)

Jeffrey Dodd-o

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Pp. 104-147 (44)

Punita Tripathi

PDF Price: $15

MICU Issues

Pp. 148-169 (22)

Jonathan E. Sevransky, Michael S. Lava and Russell D. Dolan

PDF Price: $15

SICU Update

Pp. 170-202 (33)

Sheri Berg and Edward A. Bittner

PDF Price: $15

Difficult Airway

Pp. 203-218 (16)

Amballur D. John

PDF Price: $15

Perioperative Medical Ethics and the Anesthesiologist

Pp. 219-245 (27)

Paul J. Hoehner

PDF Price: $15

Interesting Cases

Pp. 246-262 (17)

Mahmood Jaberi and Nathaniel McQuay

PDF Price: $15

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 263-269 (7)

Amballur D. John